About Defence Bakery


Started in 1962, Defence Bakery is one of Delhi-NCR’s oldest and finest bakeries, with decades of experience in spreading delight to our patrons.

Our rich legacy stems from our classic hand-crafted recipes that have been perfected and tweaked over generations to match the modern tastebud. 

For over 6 decades, we have spread our love for food to our loyal patrons, each of whom act as a testament to our quality and persistence to provide the finest culinary experience.


Defence Bakery was established by Mr. Jagdish Mitra Dhingra in 1962 in Delhi. 

His son Anil Dhingra, an engineer by profession, followed his father’s legacy by establishing the bakery in Noida, in the year 2006. 

Defence Bakery Noida, was established solely because Anil could not resist sharing his love for food, sweets and all things confectionary. For which, he utilised the extensive experience he had gained in his father’s bakery. 

Today, Defence Bakery is adored and regarded with deep affection by the people of Noida (and further) and serves delicious food to all patrons with a refined palette.

 Run by Anil and his son Praphul, the father-son engineer duo, are known for their uncompromising standards, ensuring that their tempting delicacies are made only with the finest ingredients.


“At Defence Bakery, we believe that baking is an art as well as a science, which can only be perfected with decades of experience, deliberate consideration and dedicated hard work, which the family has put in for over 60 years.

Being generational bakers, we offer classic old-school Indian bakery products like atta biscuits, rusks, puff, khatai as well as modern European desserts, rustic breads and various Indian and continental savouries. We also provide custom made-hand-crafted gift baskets and hampers for any and all events such as weddings, baby showers and even corporate gifting."


Be it a small gathering, large family function or a corporate event, our chefs will serve you the most decadent dishes and flavours that will transcend your celebrations above the finest of expectations.”